3aaa Apprenticeships Recruitment Process

Our latest Apprenticeship Levy Conference raised a number of questions around recruitment and how the 3aaa Apprenticeships recruitment process can support companies as part of their Levy strategy.

This article explains how we screen, recruit and prepare our Apprentices, the process we take with employers to ensure their Apprentices are the right people, whether they are new to the business or existing staff.

Your Account Manager

Your Account Manager will work with you to understand your business needs and help you decide if hiring a new Apprentice or training existing staff if the best option to fill your skills gap. We can manage the process of internal selection of existing employees. This article focuses on external recruitment but the same principles apply to any internal applicants.

If you do decide to employ a new recruit, your Account Manager will manage the recruitment process from end to end. This starts with establishing the requirements your potential candidates must have. We recruit using the most relevant industry job recruitment sites alongside our online portal, Apprentice Career. Your Apprenticeship Levy Team will also search for your perfect Apprentice in our existing candidate pool.

What is Apprentice Career?

3aaa Apprenticeships Recruitment Process

Apprentice Career is an online portal that allows job seekers, and those looking to progress their careers, to understand the benefits of doing an Apprenticeship, get information from current Apprentices and employers, and most importantly, search for all the Apprenticeship vacancies available right now.

It was established in 2016 and the portal currently receives over 16,000 hits a month. Job seekers simply sign up to the website with their details and will then be contacted by 3aaa Apprenticeships to match them to the most appropriate Apprenticeship opportunity.

Candidate Interview Process

We can establish a recruitment process that is right for your business. This might include centralised screening, onsite recruitment or assessment centres. Your Account Manager will work with you to get it right.

In every case, candidates are screened by our Recruitment Team before they are referred to you, ensuring all our applicants are of the highest calibre and match your business needs. Our Recruitment Team will look at their CV, qualifications and other information to ensure that they have the ability and are eligible to become a 3aaa Apprentice within your business. If the potential Apprentice meets all the relevant criteria then our team will contact the candidate and go through the screening interview with them.

Following a successful screening interview, the applicant will then be invited for an interview. At this point, the candidate will complete an English, Maths and IT assessment and learning styles questionnaire, to ensure they meet your requirements.

The interview will include a review of:

  • Personality
  • Past work experience
  • Creativity
  • Skills
  • Confidence
  • Test results

The Candidate Pool

If the applicant meets all of this criteria, demonstrates the motivation to complete the Apprenticeship and commitment to your organisation then they will be put forward for your role.

Prioritising Your Businesses Needs

Once your dedicated Account Manager has worked closely with you to understand the requirements of your business and has helped you to select the best possible candidate to suit your needs, they will then start to look for the perfect Apprentice for your organisation. This is all part of the free ‘match and fill’ recruitment service we offer to your business. Next you will be sent the applicants CVs and from here you can decide which applicants you would like to interview. Our team will then arrange this for you and when you have found your ideal Apprentice, we will send you the signed contract of employment offer.

Why 3aaa Apprenticeships?

We work closely with career-focused individuals and offer them life-changing opportunities and support so that they can start a prosperous career within their chosen sector. Our Ofsted report stated that our “Apprentices benefit from highly interesting and motivational training in superb educational environments, equipped with industry standards and networks”. They also commented that our trainers and assessors are inspirational, that our Apprentices are highly valued by employers and very quickly progress on to play pivotal roles in helping to transform businesses across the country.

On average, we have placed over 350 Applicants in the 6 past months and are currently in partnership with 3,700 employers across the UK, so you can be sure that when we say we can find you the right Apprentice for your business needs, we mean it.

If you would like any further information about the 3aaa Apprenticeships recruitment process, simple contact your Account Manager or email apprenticeshiplevy@3aaa.co.uk