How 3aaa are supporting public sector companies with the Apprenticeship Levy

In the last few months 3aaa Apprenticeships have been talking to organisations about the public sector apprenticeship levy and the expansion of the Apprenticeship programme in the public sector.  There is still a lot of confusion about the implementation of the Levy and what organisations can do to invest those Levy payments into cost effective workforce development.  Most organisations just don’t realise how flexible the programme can be and how effective it can be to address the skills needs of both existing staff and new recruits.

In the public sector the government is currently consulting on how it will introduce targets to recruit Apprentices.  Every public sector body (and those with public functions that are funded by public money) will be set a target of recruiting Apprentices to equate to 2.3% of their headcount every year.  This will change the way some public sector organisations view their recruitment and training processes.  3aaa has been working with a number of these organisations such as local authorities, schools and the NHS so that they can maximise the benefit of introducing or growing their Apprenticeship programmes.

Many of them do not realise that they can train their existing workforce where there is a real and significant training need.  For example we are developing high level management programmes as Apprenticeships to ensure that there is a structured approach involving both on and off the job training.  Most of the organisations we work with have real management issues where training internal staff is the best solution right up to degree or Masters level programmes.

3aaa has committed project management resources to support these organisations, understand their workforce development needs and put in place programmes now so that they can meet their targets in an effective way.  If you are interested in talking to us about how you can use the Apprenticeship programme to recruit and develop your staff then CLICK HERE, give us a call: 0330 1243 224 or drop us an email: APPRENTICESHIPLEVY@3AAA.CO.UK.