3AAA Welcomes OFF THE JOB Clarification From The Department of Education

Today (28/06/2017), the department for education published much needed clarity on the off the job requirements for new Apprenticeship standards and existing frameworks. It clarifies the requirement and reinforces the 20% off the job which we have always supported.

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Importantly, it confirms that an Apprenticeship programme cannot wholly be delivered through distance learning and this can only form part of an approach to a blended approach to high quality teaching and learning.

3AAA have invested heavily in high quality facilities to enable quality teaching and learning. This forms an important and integral part of any high quality training for Apprenticeships at any levy. We will continue to offer this as an integral part of all of our Apprenticeship offer to both levy and non levy clients.

Peter Marples – Group CEO said ‘we welcome this clarity and the reinforcement that distance learning cannot be used to deliver an Apprenticeship in full. We hope the ESFA will monitor this closely and be proactive in dealing with clear cases where there is little or limited structured training going on. There are many providers that will find this a significant challenge – few having facilities to support delivery and many employers, especially in the SME community cannot provide the necessary provision for high quality delivery.’