An Outstanding Apprenticeship Provider

As the provider of choice for many large organisations in England, 3aaa Apprenticeship will help your organisation create and implement a successful Apprenticeship Levy Strategy to help you make the most of existing and new staff as well as your Levy contributions.

How 3aaa Apprenticeships Can help

Our support and guidance is completely free of charge. Find out how an Apprentice can help transform your business.

Our team will get to know your business and help to identify any requirements that you have. We pride ourselves on providing the right young people for your business.

Our team provide you with a comprehensive match and fill service, ensuring that we find the optimum candidate for your Apprenticeship vacancies.

Meet our Experts

As industry leaders, 3aaa Apprenticeships employ sector experts with years of experience and knowledge, ensuring all stakeholders have access to our industry leading knowledge and expertise.

Richard Irons

Managing Director

01332 880515

Jennifer Bramley

Operations Director – Levy

07391 407 844


How we can support you

In addition to our many Levy Club benefits, we are dedicated to providing a bespoke Managed Service that meets the needs of each individual organisation, understanding that each one is very different. Our service includes:

  • A Project Manager on a Free of Charge basis.
  • Your Project Manager will work with you to identify key areas where you could utilise your Levy funds.
  • Your Project Manager will work with you to keep you ahead of developments, design bespoke programmes, brand them to meet your needs and have regular day–to–day account management responsibility.
  • We will review your current training budget to identify potential programmes – including management – that can best suit your needs.
  • Key staff will be invited to our quarterly Levy conferences where you can network and stay up to date with the latest policies and Government announcements.
  • We will design and develop management information requirements for your own purposes and provide you with access to our learner management system which will enable you to track progress in real time for all participant activities.