Apprenticeship Levy News Update with Iain Duncan Smith at Leicester Tigers

Apprenticeship Levy News UpdateAs part of our ongoing partnership with Leicester Tigers, 3aaa Apprenticeships attended their recent Huddle Network Event on the 8th November where an Apprenticeship Levy news update was the much anticipated hot topic.

The keynote speaker of the event was Iain Duncan Smith MP. The former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and currently the Member of Parliament for Chingford and Woodford Green was one of the keynote speakers on ‘Once in a generation: Brexit’ and provided an Apprenticeship Levy news update.

Iain Duncan Smith was keen to promote the idea that professional awarding bodies should recognise Apprenticeships as legitimate entry qualifications when applying to become ‘chartered’ status. This will not only increase the appeal of Apprenticeship qualifications as they will provide a genuine alternative to Higher Education or University Degrees, but will help to alleviate youth unemployment.

Mr Duncan Smith went on to champion Apprenticeships as a key way for people to enter the world of work and then specialise in a specific subject. He went onto praise the Apprenticeship Levy as it ensures that apprentices will be provided with training that matches the skills that local businesses need.

As the event was focused around the Apprenticeship Levy, our Head of Levy Business Development, Adam McEvoy-Robinson, was a member of the panel and presented to the audience the positive impact that the Apprenticeship Levy will have on the economy, business development and skills development across England.

Apprenticeship Levy News Update

The aim of the event was to ensure that employers understand how important apprentices are for local businesses in and around the East Midlands. The Apprenticeship Levy news update was very topical and the experienced panel of HR professionals and business owners discussed its implications and how businesses should prepare for April 2017. Invitees to this networking event included the club’s top 200 Business Partners, and Paddy Power was also a keynote speaker for the subject.

The Government’s aim of the Apprenticeship Levy is to raise £3 billion a year to meet a target of three million new ‘high quality’ apprenticeships by 2020 and at the event it was clear that the Apprenticeship Levy is not only needed but wanted by employers. The Apprenticeship Levy means that employers across the UK can upskill their current staff and employ new recruits, ensuring a high-quality workforce across their business. The purpose of the Apprenticeship Levy is to create more skilled employees to support and grow the economy and this is the perfect way for large organisations to do this.

3aaa Apprenticeships are proud to partner with Leicester Tigers as further development of our Power of Sport campaign. We are honoured to lead this pioneering partnership to further strengthen relationships with local businesses across England. Leicester Tigers are just one of many local sports employers that 3aaa Apprenticeships are partnering with through our campaign, which aims to promote apprenticeships through the Power of Sport. These partnerships also allow 3aaa Apprenticeships to help local business communities come together in preparation for the Apprenticeship Levy.

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