Every week, we will be uploading an episode from our video series, The Apprenticeship Levy Explained by Stewart Segal. Our Director of Strategy at 3aaa Apprenticeships will be answering questions and explaining the Apprenticeship Levy in detail, ahead of its introduction in April 2017.

This week, Stewart discusses how the administrative costs of using a 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Project Manager will be covered.

This week’s video question is:

How will the administrative costs for the Levy be covered?



How will the administrative costs for the Levy be covered?

Well, we cover all the basic administrative costs if we are managing the whole Levy pot for an employer, because that’s the service that we provide. We provide a management service that includes all of the administration of the programme. In fact, we give employers all of the information that they will need to help them manage the programme, provided out of our system. All of that is a free service that we provide because we believe that it is important for the employers to focus on what is important for them and administration is not one of those things that they are interested in getting involved in. But they want to be absolutey sure that we provide the administrative processes that sits behind all of the programmes and can give them all the information that they need at any one time.

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