Every week, we will be uploading an episode from our video series, The Apprenticeship Levy Explained by Stewart Segal. Our Director of Strategy at 3aaa Apprenticeships will be answering questions and explaining the Apprenticeship Levy in detail, ahead of its introduction in April 2017.

This week, Stewart explains what Employers can do once they have spent their Levy contribution but want to take on more Apprentices.

This week’s video question is:

Once we have spent our Levy contribution, can we take on more Apprentices?

See transcript below:

Once we have spent our Levy contribution, can we take on more Apprentices?

Employers will pay a certain amount of Levy based on their payroll costs and that’s 0.5%, but if they want to deliver more Apprenticeships then they can because the Government is supporting the programme up to 90% of the cost of delivery. Many of the organisations we are talking to have got existing programmes which they are now looking to change and adapt so that it meets the requirements of the Apprenticeship Programme and therefore the Government will continue to make that contribution.


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