Supporting Public Sector Employers With The Apprenticeship Levy

The 3aaa Apprenticeships Levy team is working closely with a number of organisations in the Public Sector including local authorities, the NHS, schools and universities to develop their plans to invest their Apprenticeship Levy funds from May 2017.

The Apprenticeship Levy, which is calculated on payroll costs, applies to all employers in England with a payroll cost exceeding £3 million.  For Public Sector employers this is even more important because they will have to have a minimum number of Apprentices every year.  The Government statement says Expanding the number of Apprenticeships in the Public Sector will support growth in the programme and gives a clear sign that Government is investing in Apprenticeships.’.

In January 2016 the Government published a consultation on their proposal that they will give all public bodies with more than 250 employees in England a target of Apprenticeship starts. The Government has stated that public bodies that fall into this category should have 2.3% of their workforce starting on Apprenticeship programmes per year. This was a high-level commitment, from the Prime Minister downwards, to ensure that the Public Sector make their contribution to the target of achieving 3 million Apprenticeships. To date the Public Sector has employed less Apprentices proportionately than the Private Sector.

The Government have now confirmed that they are adopting this 2.3% target and all public bodies will need to ensure that they have a plan in place to meet this target.  3aaa Apprenticeships is already working on plans for Local Authorities, schools, NHS and other public bodies to make sure their Levy funds are used effectively. Our Project Managers are working with the internal teams to get the best value for the spend.

Apprenticeship ‘starts’ can include existing staff and can be applied across all departments so in many cases, public organisations get a real benefit from increasing the number of Apprentices.  The Levy funds can replace spend on existing training programmes.

3aaa Apprenticeships Project Managers are now working with Public Sector organisations to understand how the new targets will work and how the new Levy contributions can be used to meet this target.  The latest Government publication states that the targets will be averaged between the years 2017/18 and 2020/21 and will be based on numbers employed and not on full time equivalents.  Public Sector bodies will still need to report each year on these targets and 3aaa Apprenticeships will support the production of those reports and will be ensuring that its training management system will produce the data the Public Sector organisations need.

3aaa Apprenticeships are putting a focus on supporting Public Sector organisations over the next few weeks and we are running a conference on the 15th February where we will cover the full implications of these targets. If you would like to attend this free event, visit this link and register to attend.

If you would like any further information regarding the Public Sector Apprenticeship targets, contact us now and we can get one of our experienced public sector Project Managers to talk you through the next steps.

You can contact 3aaa Apprenticeships’ Levy management team on 0330 124 3224 or