The Changing Face Of The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is now well-underway, with employers training their current staff and Apprentices through their Apprenticeship Levy funds. 3aaa Apprenticeships are working hard with over 100 employers to fully benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy, providing a variety of services and quality Apprenticeship Standards to help them fill the skills gap within their business.

In a recent study by Warwick Institute for Employment Research, they interviewed 200 employers and discovered that 90% of them were aware of the Apprenticeship Levy, yet 25% of those were not aware of how much Levy they will pay. We have a dedicated Apprenticeship Levy Management Team who help employers work out their Levy funds and how they can maximise the effect of it through Apprentices as part of the Levy management service we provide.

We offer one-to-one DAS (Digital Apprenticeship System) support to help you understand the process and manage payments. We can also help you to map out a three year training plan to maximise your Levy spend.

The Warwick Institute for Employment Research found that only 32% of employers, who would be paying the Apprenticeship Levy, felt the impacts on their business would have a positive effect. Employers can invest in their employees, both in situ learners and new Apprentices, to bring a variety of skills to their workforce.

In situ learners (current employees) can develop their own skills, build new ones and learn more about the industry they work in. Whilst new Apprentices can bring a totally new perspective and skill-set whilst learning about the industry and developing skills and practices that best suit the employer they work for which can reduce staff turnover.

In the same study carried out by Warwick Institute for Employment Research, they found that 71% of recruitment plans are ‘definite’ or ‘highly likely’ which highlights that the Apprenticeship Levy is helping employers to put recruitment at the top of their business agenda. The Apprenticeship Levy is helping the recruitment process to become more strategic and focused, which 3aaa Apprenticeships can help employers with as they work with them to create strategic learning and development plans.

If you want assistance in managing your Apprenticeship Levy, get in touch with one of our Levy Management Team by calling 0330 124 3224, email