Peter Marples – The Changing Face of Recruitment

On Friday 14th July 2017, our Group Chief Executive, Peter Marples was one of the Key Note Speakers at our exclusive Levy Club Conference, offering his insightful thoughts on ‘The Changing Face of Recruitment’, in what was a day full of knowledge for our guests. Watch ‘Peter Marples – The Changing Face of Recruitment’ in full now:

Peter started his session by explaining how businesses can benefit from the Levy and what the implementation of the new standards means for businesses, learners and parents.

He discussed that, because of the Levy, business’ recruitment patterns and strategies are changing, with our 3aaa Management Programmes running alongside the existing standards that we offer to help these changes happen seamlessly.

Peter also offered some different examples of how businesses are utilising the Levy and how they can continue to do so moving forwards. In addition to this, he also explained how businesses can benefit from the financial mechanics of the Levy through National Insurance savings.

He suggested that the market has gone ‘full circle’ and that the clock has been turned back to the 1980’s in terms of most professions having an Apprenticeship route through the brand-new standards.

Peter ended the day by giving his predictions on how recruitment would look by 2020:

  • Turning the clock back 30 years.
  • 90% of professions will be through an Apprenticeship pathway or standard.
  • Risks for under graduates at 21 when they complete.
  • Businesses will fundamentally revise recruitment policies and strategies, and learning and development approaches, to meet their business needs.
  • Less graduate recruitment – more 18-year-old recruitment – different sourcing of employees and managers of the future.

Save the date! Peter will also be speaking at our next Apprenticeship Levy Club Conference at the London Stadium on Wednesday 8th November 2017. To find out more information about the event or to register your place, please contact Rob Collins on or by calling 07391 407 661. Alternatively, you can confirm you attendance here.

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