Coming Down The Track By Peter Marples

During our latest Apprenticeship Levy conference, The Group CEO and Joint Owner of 3aaa, Peter Marples offered his expert predictions on the future of the Apprenticeship Levy.

The Trusted Partner Status

Peter started his presentation by discussing the Trusted Partner Status. The Trusted Partner Status is an interesting development that was announced in early November 2017 and will be introduced from the beginning of 2018, by the ESFA.

In essence, this new initiative is being created due to two factors. First, Levy paying employers are now explaining to the ESFA that although they are happy to pay the Apprenticeship Levy, the administrative side of it is both costly and time-intensive. Secondly, training providers like ourselves are now saying to the ESFA that although we are delivering programmes for Levy paying employers, it is difficult to get employers to sign off their DAS (Digital Apprenticeship Service). This means the funding for the training isn’t reaching the providers. Peter then mentioned that many Apprenticeship Providers have closed due to this. With two important pressure points coming together, the ESFA have resulted in developing The Trusted Partner Status.

The process of The Trusted Partner Status is being put in place so that training providers can work much closer with employers, meaning that they will now be able to take the administrative responsibility, and other associated aspects of running an Apprenticeship Levy strategy, off the employer.

There will be much more information to come on The Trusted Partner Status, but it is an interesting development of the Apprenticeship Levy which both levy paying employers and training providers should take note of.

Peter finished this point by explaining how we can manage large employers’ Apprenticeship Levy funds through our Apprenticeship Levy Management Service. He showed how our Apprenticeship Levy Management Team are ensuring our clients get the best ROI possible by running their whole Apprenticeship Levy strategy for them.

3aaa take care of our Levy paying employers’ DAS account, training solutions, subcontracting, recruitment and more.

Refresh of the RoATP (Register of Approved Training Providers) and Impacts

Peter mentioned that the Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP) has been re-opened for new applications. This is because when the RoATP was established back in March 2017, around 600 new training providers came on stream. Only 120 of these providers have actually delivered any training since March so because of this, The ESFA now monitor this activity.

For more of Peter’s predictions regarding the future of the Apprenticeship Levy, watch his presentation, Coming Down The Track now.

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