Apprenticeship Levy Conference Summary

Last week saw 3aaa Apprenticeships hold our second Apprenticeship Levy conference for our Exclusive Club Members, who will be utilising their 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management partnership to maximise their Levy Contributions from April 2017.

The conference was a massive success, with more than 40 large organisations joining the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management team for an interactive workshop and thought sharing session at The 3aaa County Ground in Derby.

Stewart Segal, Director of Strategy at 3aaa Apprenticeships gave a policy update from the government. He highlighted the confirmed information that has been released to date and used his industry knowledge and experience to forecast some further ideas, which were shared with our Levy Partners in hindsight to prepare for their Apprenticeship Levy implementation.

Mr Segal also emphasised the unique approach that 3aaa Apprenticeships have to work with clients to develop and implement their Apprenticeship Levy Strategies ahead of April 2017, so they can fully utilise the expenditure for skills development across all areas of their organisations.

As part of the 12 benefits offered to their levy clients, 3aaa Apprenticeship offer a project manager, free of charge, to help organisations understand the levy implications and to develop a business needs analysis. This also helps to develop their Levy Implementation strategy and to understand how the Apprenticeship Levy can be seen as a positive government initiative to maximise funding for training and development.

3aaa Apprenticeships have a flexible approach to project manager’s working with their clients. They have no fixed way of working with their clients meaning project managers can work in-house with a company to embed themselves in their business and culture, or they can work remotely to support businesses.

3aaa Apprenticeships work with each of its levy clients on an individual basis, to support them at a level they are comfortable with. This has benefited proactive clients who have taken full advantage of the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management from early on in the process. They are now in a position where they are prepared for the Apprenticeship Levy fully and well in advance of April 2017.

It was also confirmed at the conference that the Government will pay 90% of the cost of any training or Apprenticeships you wish to run over and above your levy contributions. This means that once companies realise the benefits that training and developing staff has on the wider business, they can continue to reap the benefits from this at a hugely reduced rate.

One of the most proactive organisations at the conference was the Co-operative Bank, who the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management department have been working with for several months now. Project Manager, Catherine West-McGrath presented their case study, showing how an in-house project manager can help with more than just Apprenticeship Levy spend-mapping. They can also help to manage stakeholder expectations and ensure all areas of the business are included in the Apprenticeship Levy spend strategy.

Another of the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management project manager’s, Amanda Willis was also in attendance to discuss her experience with a number of companies who work in similar sectors and how she works remotely with each of them to optimise Apprenticeship Levy expenditure.

Wrapping up the second in the series of Apprenticeship Levy conferences by the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management team was Susanna Lawson from ePortfolio company OneFile. She introduced the Levy Club Members to another feature of their membership, which is a bespoke platform for managing their Apprenticeship Levy expenditure efficiently and staying at the forefront of technology.

There are still a limited number of spaces left in our Exclusive Apprenticeship Levy club, which are being held for prestigious companies looking to optimise their Apprenticeship Levy expenditure from April 2017. If you would like to find out more, click here to contact the Apprenticeship Levy Management team today. 

Below are some images from the second Apprenticeship Levy conference.