The effect of brexit on 3aaa apprenticeships

As 3aaa continues to grow the Apprenticeship programme and even more employers get interested about Apprenticeships and the levy, there have been lots of comments about how the exit from the EU may affect the skills sector. Many of the key skills programmes funded by government have used funds from the EU. That includes Apprenticeships. However from April 2017 the Apprenticeship Levy paid by employers will provide the bulk of the funds for the Apprenticeship programme. That should mean that the programme should be unaffected. 3aaa will be continuing to work with employers around the reforms and there should be no delay to the introduction of the Levy. We have always said that the funding for those not paying the Levy should be phased in carefully which includes any employer contributions. We do believe that the level of employer contributions could be 10% rather than the current 33.3% for new standards. We also believe that there should be additional support for SME’s and the recruitment of 16-19 year olds where the costs of delivery are higher. 3aaa will continue to keep you up to date with any news.

Most of our employers support the concept of the Levy and any delay in the introduction of the Levy will create even more confusion. The Apprenticeship programmes we deliver provide the skills our businesses needs to drive the economy forward now so any delay will have a real cost. We are hoping that we will get some further announcements about the Levy in the next couple of weeks and 3aaa be keeping our customers up to date with any changes. Whatever the plans for 2017 are employers can get on board with 3aaa and get involved in the Apprenticeship programme now. The current programme will continue to be supported by the government so we can work with employers now to ensure you are ready for the Levy in 2017.

We are already talking to both Levy and non-Levy employers about how we can help them maximise the value of their Apprenticeship programmes. We are creating programmes around the recruitment of new, young and motivated people as well as workforce development programmes for existing employees including high level management development. The 3aaa range of programmes is extensive but the common factor is that they address real skills needs.