Elizabeth McKenna – Star of the recent series of BBC’s The Apprentice speaks to 3aaa’s guests

Elizabeth McKenna, who starred in the most recent series of BBC’s The Apprentice, spoke to guests at our National Apprenticeship Week event on Thursday 8th March at the stunning Nottingham City Council building.

Elizabeth joined Di McEvoy-Robinson (Joint Owner of 3aaa), Dave Corbin (Director and Head of Project Management at WYG) and members of the Nottingham City Council to talk about the importance of Apprenticeships.

During the event, Elizabeth discussed topics such as workforce retention, aspects of working with Apprentices and how valuable Apprentices are to businesses. Elizabeth touched on her own experiences of working with Apprentices and offered some anecdotal advice and thoughts.

Her key points included:

“Apprenticeships are a valuable resource for businesses to upskill and retain their workforce”.

“Apprentices are not trainees, they are employees, as valuable an employee as anyone at any level within our business”.

“Mentoring is one of the most important aspects of working with Apprentices”.

Watch the video in full by clicking on the below: