Apprenticeship Levy 2017: Frequently Asked Questions

Our Apprenticeship Levy Management Team have been asked numerous questions since the announcement of the Levy back in Autumn 2015. We have put some of the most popular questions and answers below to help you get Levy ready.
Who will the Levy apply to?
When will employers pay?
How will the Levy work?
How much can be drawn down for each Apprentice?
How will it work for the other nations?
Who can be trained under the Apprenticeship System?

Will there be any incentive to recruit 16 – 19 year olds?
How will the system work for non-Levy payers?
Which training providers will be able to deliver the training for employers?
What is 3aaa Apprenticeships’ view regarding an employer that already has a large contract
with another provider but would also like to engage a 3aaa Apprenticeships project manager?
We currently have Apprentices working for us but what will happen from next year?
We already have an MIS system. Will one file link to the existing systems?
Once we have spent our Levy monies can we take on more Apprentices?
We currently employ Apprentices and 3aaa Apprenticeships provide all the recruitment support.
Will that continue?
Our company is part of a group of three companies. How will the levy work for us?
Can we link our company induction to the qualifications in the Apprenticeship?
Can we still claim money if someone leaves after a long period
of being on an apprenticeship programme?
There will be an administrative cost for employers of operating the programme.
Can the employer claim this back?
Can we take on some Apprentices before may 2017 as a pilot for the Levy?
Can 3aaa Apprenticeships manage a programme where they do not currently have expertise such as hospitality?