How Your Employees Can Become Managers

If you’re an employer you are always looking to support and progress your employees, encouraging them to become managers. Currently in the UK, only 1 in 5 managers are actually trained to be in their managerial role with only 21% of them seen as highly effective (CMI). Employers want professional qualifications as evidence of practical skills alongside communication, team skills and multi-disciplinary problem solving, all as key requirements.

So with this, 3aaa Apprenticeships have created The Pathway To Management, giving employers the opportunity to progress their employees using Management Apprenticeships. The programme is tailored around the needs of employers to enhance the talent of their employees to become the managers of the future and focuses on interpersonal excellence, organisational performance and personal effectiveness. Below you can see the pathway that your employees will take with our programme:

How Your Employees Can Become Managers

Team Leader/ Supervisor & Manager Focus:

How Your Employees Can Become Managers

Chartered Manager Focus:

How Your Employees Can Become Managers

The Assessment Procedure:

How Your Employees Can Become Managers

1 – On-Programme Assessment

  • Regular Assessment
  • Development of a portfolio demonstrating competence
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Industry recognised qualification

2 – Gateway to End Point Assessment

  • Employer and Training Provider agree the employee meets the requirements of the Standards

3 – End Point Assessment

  • Test of knowledge
  • Competency based interview
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Professional discussion

4 – Successful Individuals Gain

  • An industry designed Apprenticeship
  • An industry recognised management qualification
  • Option for professional registration with professional body

3aaa Apprenticeships will give your employee personal support at every step of the Pathway to Management programme

How Your Employees Can Become Managers

In addition to:

  • Standards and rich tools
  • Engaging Employers and Government
  • Proactive and enabling service and support including Business Development
  • strategic (Standards, progression, on-going, deep) rather than tactical (point solution, one-off, fleeting) employer and learner relationships

Flexible Design and Assessment

You can build your qualification with complete flexibility, Awards & Certificates and all the programmes are tailored to the needs of the working day. The pathway is suitable for all ages/levels of experience and because of the Apprenticeship Levy, existing employees as well as new recruits can progress with this programme.


  • Level 2, 3, 4 & 6: Core units plus options
  • Level 5 & 7: complete flexibility
  • Bolt –on enrichment cross curriculum
  • Dual accreditation options

Creative Assessment Options:

  • Written Assignments
  • Presentations
  • Projects
  • Professional Discussions
  • Portfolios

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