3aaa Apprenticeships Respond To Apprenticeship Levy-Payers’ Increased Demand for Financial Services Apprenticeships

As discussed in our previous news piece, Technology and Banking Apprenticeships to Receive the Biggest Uptake by Apprenticeship Levy-Paying Employers in 2017, there has been unprecedented demand for Financial Services Apprenticeships since the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy. This is great news for the UK’s economy, as it will support the growth of the key sectors that are crucial for a forward-thinking country.

3aaa Apprenticeships have responded to the increased demand in both London and Manchester for specialist Apprenticeships in areas such as compliance and risk, investment and financial services customer service by developing specialist Apprenticeships. These open courses are available to businesses of all sizes and are an extremely cost-effective solution to providing businesses with the skilled financial services employees needed to grow. They have open courses ready for delivery now in the following roles; Compliance/Risk Officer, Senior Financial Services Customer Advisor and Investment Operations Technician.

Open courses are the future route for flexible Apprenticeships for businesses with specific development requirements. With no requirement for large cohorts, your business can up-skill the individual employees that would benefit from role-specific training. In addition, there will be individuals from a wide array of financial services businesses, which will allow best practice methods to be learned and shared by all in attendance.

An additional benefit of this open course is that businesses and its employees have much more flexibility as to the dates the course is started, with starting dates throughout the year.

This is part of 3aaa Apprenticeships’ continued commitment to providing UK businesses with skilled workers to enable them to grow, which will also boost the UK economy. There is now more than £30 million worth of Apprenticeship Levy business under 3aaa Apprenticeships’ tailored management service. Their courses are adaptable to suit the specific needs for each of those businesses’, giving them the training and development options they need to grow effectively.

The first of these open training sessions will be enrolling in August, with the first training day in September, offering businesses an ideal opportunity to either up-skill your current employees or recruit new staff in specialist areas within businesses who have financial services businesses.

Each of these open training courses, in Manchester and London, can be paid for using Apprenticeship Levy funding, or for non-Apprenticeship Levy-payers, co-funded at a small contribution. Each of these training courses will give the businesses employee CISI or CII accredited qualifications and industry leading training, which will help them excel in their role and become a specialist in their chosen financial services profession.

The launch events for each of these open courses are due imminently and will be attended by employees from blue-chip financial services companies who are looking to maximise their Apprenticeship Levy expenditure to develop highly-skilled financial services employees.

If you are interested in up-skilling a member of your workforce or recruiting new staff into specialist Financial Services roles, please contact Adam McEvoy-Robinson today.

T:  07714 472 477 or E: adammcevoy-robinson@3aaa.co.uk