Introduction to the New Year and what we expect in 2018

Welcome everyone to the start of 2018, which promises to be a year of further change and transition for the levy market place.

Here at 3aaa, we are ready for whatever changes will come along, to respond to your requests and to work in partnership to expand your L&D strategies.

So what are we predicting in 2018 in this exciting levy space:

  • Trusted provider status– in the first quarter we should see what this looks like from the ESFA and 3aaa will be working hard to become one for the first providers in the sector to achieve this – it certainly will provide increased flexibility for both providers and employers.
  • Focus on 16 – 18 New Apprenticeships – with the continued decline in Apprenticeship starts, there is no doubt the Department for Education are monitoring this closely – expect to see some intervention and indeed incentives to encourage you to take on some young people into Apprenticeship roles.
  • Leadership and Management – we can expect to see continued debate on the use of the levy to support L&M. There is no right answer, development of team leaders and managers contribute to improving productivity of UK PLC but there is also an argument that the levy should be used for other purposes – expect to see some developments but not in our view until later in the year.
  • A race to spend – there are significant numbers of employers who will from the middle of the year be at risk of returning funds back to the Government – don’t expect them to encourage you to spend and after May, if you haven’t spent much of your levy, the pace of starts will have to increase dramatically if you are not going to return funds – we can model all of this for you quite quickly through your account manager.
  • Supply Chain – from April, you can use 10% of your levy funds to support your supply chain – how this will happen, we have yet to see but an interesting development which was always promised when the levy was introduced.
  • Scotland – for those of you with large levels of provision in Scotland, you know accessing funding is a real problem – BUT there is a solution – the Scottish Government have launched a tender for employers – deadline is 29/1 so you need to move quickly – LET US KNOW IF WE CAN HELP FACILITATE A BID FOR YOU.
  • More Standards – there will be more standards launched during the year and the first of those launched 3 years ago will commence their first review – we anticipate more roles becoming less job specific – a good move! and refining the approach to end test assessment. We will keep you informed of what happens.

We are holding our next levy conference in February at the London Stadium which is open to all levy club members and have been received very well in the past. This will be our 7th event held since October 2016. We have a calender of events for 2018 so make sure they are put in your diaries.

Thank you for the support you have provided the 3aaa team during 2017 and we look forward to continuing to support you during 2018 to meet your levy and broader learning and development needs. Remember we are just a phone call away and bring a significant amount of collective experience from working with a large number of clients both in the public and corporate sectors.

Best wishes and to a successful 2018,

Peter Marples
Group CEO