The Apprenticeship Levy Is Here – By Dawn Whitemore

Last week saw the first payments for the Apprenticeship Levy being taken from those employers affected by the Apprenticeship Levy.

With this pivotal period upon us, I thought it would be good to reflect on my new role at 3aaa Apprenticeships and how my decades of experience in the education sector will help the company and it’s partnered employers to build a forward-thinking answer to skills development across the United Kingdom.

Having been at 3aaa Apprenticeships for over a month now, I have been astonished by the passion, commitment and industry experience of my newly founded team. We have experts across the digital, financial and commercial sectors, creating people development strategies for a wide range of businesses, working collaboratively to both maximise the potential from the Apprenticeship Levy and ensuring that our offer is tailored to each company’s ethos and objectives.

We are continuing to support more and more businesses in developing their Apprenticeship Levy strategies, as they awaken to the unavoidable expenditure that their business is now facing. To extend our arm of support to such businesses, we hosted a conference in the Denis Compton Suite of the Danubius Hotel this Tuesday (9th May), where we spoke to both our current Levy Club Members and new faces who are looking to further evaluate and maximise the benefit of their Apprenticeship Levy expenditure.

For the companies that have already partnered with us and have developed their Apprenticeship Levy strategies, we are now discussing how these can be effectively implemented. As the only Apprenticeship provider with a 40-strong academy network across the country, we will ensure that training is delivered locally to each business through our team of over 500 expert members of staff.

We are also one of the first Apprenticeship training providers to be offering Apprenticeship Standards in all our fields of expertise, as well as utilising strategical partnerships with industry leading bodies to offer a wide spectrum of industry-specific Apprenticeship routes.

In the following months, I will be leading our Apprenticeship Levy Management division to ensure each of our partnering employers is fully utilising their Levy payments in a strategised skills development plan for both the growth of their business and of their employees.

If you are a company that is impacted by the Apprenticeship Levy, please get in touch. My team and I will work tirelessly to ensure that your obligatory expenditure is of benefit to your business.

Contact the 3aaa Apprenticeship Levy Management Team now.