Modernised Industrial Strategy for a Highly Skilled Country

Below is a video of our Director of Strategy, Stewart Segal explaining how the Industrial Strategy brings many government policies that affect industries together, so that we now have a coherent approach to sectors and skills development across the UK.

Prime Minister, Theresa May utilised her first regional Cabinet meeting this morning to announce proposals for a modern Industrial Strategy. It sets out to drive growth across the whole country and place a spotlight on skills development and opportunities to progress into high paid, high skilled jobs.

The new proposal has been developed with the needs of businesses and their employees at the core, addressing sector-specific challenges and maximising opportunities.

The Industrial Strategy will be at the heart of developing post-Brexit Britain, driving growth on a national scale. Apprenticeships will be a fundamental part of this development, providing companies with the opportunity to nurture and tailor to their specific needs and the needs of the economy.

In a press release regarding the modernised Industrial Strategy, the Prime Minister stated: “The modern Industrial Strategy will back Britain for the long-term: creating the conditions where successful businesses can emerge and grow, and backing them to invest in the long-term future of our country.”

Skills development and providing opportunities is a key element of the Industrial Strategy, and as a company we are developing our programmes further to ensure that they are providing the best possible training for both business and individual development. Our introduction of new Apprenticeship standards, well in advance of Government requirement, is representative of our commitment to develop our offer to make it massively beneficial to not just companies and their workforce, but to provide England with economic growth.

The investment of an additional £556 million for the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ will also allow businesses covered by over a quarter of our locations to invest in creating jobs and grow their business.

In addition, the Strategy has been developed with the small business community in the limelight, which has been the primary focus for 3aaa Apprenticeships in the past 9 years of operations. Adam Marshall, Director General of British Chambers of Commerce commented on this: “The moves towards a place-based strategy fit well with the UK small business community. Small firms are often the anchors in our local economies – in cities, towns and villages – right across the country.”. There is an increased focus on providing opportunities for all businesses, regardless of size, to flourish. This will provide equal opportunities for all to benefit from Apprenticeship training and be a fundamental part for economic growth.

3aaa Apprenticeships view the Industry Strategy reform to be hugely beneficial for enhancing the offer our Apprenticeships bring to businesses across England. Peter Marples, Joint Owner of 3aaa Apprenticeships comments on the Industry Strategy reform and the positive effect it will have on the Apprenticeship industry: “The Prime Minister’s announcement this morning enables us to strengthen the work we have been doing as a company across the country to develop skilled workforces, enabling growth for companies. Additional funding for the Northern Powerhouse brings waves of excitement across more than a quarter of our academy network across England. We look forward to leading in the skills and educational reforms, as the country faces the impending challenge of leaving the single market and finding a way to prosper from it. Skills and staff development will be at the forefront of this and the Apprenticeship reforms in April will be the foundations we need to help even more businesses and citizens to benefit from the state-of-the-art training we offer daily. We plan to increase our operations across the country to maximise the opportunities we can provide for both businesses looking to optimise their investment on upskilling their workforce, while supporting those who are looking to start or further their career with paid, experience-led learning.”

We place employer and learner development at the core of everything we do as a business. This announcement will allow us to develop our relationship with our stakeholders across the country and offer them skills development that will enable company, and ultimately economical, growth across England.

Here is a breakdown of the Industrial Standards:

Industrial Standards

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