What is National Apprenticeship Week?

The 6th March 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week. The campaign is co-ordinated by the National Apprenticeship Service and is designed to celebrate the positive impact Apprenticeships and Traineeships have on individuals, businesses, and the economy of the UK. Many events within the week will be taking place from 6th to the 10th March and will bring employers, training providers and Apprentices together to celebrate the success of Apprenticeships over the last decade.

The campaign also promotes and encourages even more people to choose Apprenticeships as a motivated, smart career path and is an important date as it means Apprenticeships are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Robert Halfon said “National Apprenticeship Week is about celebrating the best in Apprenticeships and traineeships. The week highlights the vital role Apprenticeships and traineeships play in giving people from all backgrounds a ladder of opportunity.”

Here at 3aaa Apprenticeships we always get involved with the annual campaign, hosting open evenings across our nationwide network of academies, visiting schools to ensure they know the benefits of becoming an Apprentice and educating employers on what Apprenticeships can do for their organisation.

With the Apprenticeship Levy arriving in less than a couple of months, National Apprenticeship Week has never been so important to the UK economy. NAW2017 has always been a time for Training Providers to promote Apprenticeships to young adults and their parents but now the game has changed. Starting April 2017, the new Government reform of Apprenticeships means that anyone regardless of age, location or previous qualification is eligible to become an Apprentice. In full, this means that as well as being able to recruit new staff, the Apprenticeship Levy allows employers to upskill their current work-force by putting these staff on a training programme that fits the business needs.

This years’ National Apprenticeship Week and The Apprenticeship Levy are coming together to ensure that the UK really do start to see how successful Apprenticeships are and how beneficial it is for everyone to get involved.

If you’re an employer who would like to join in the revolution of Apprenticeships contact our Apprenticeship Levy Team who will not only support you with the understanding of the Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeships as a whole, but they will work with you every step of the way of your Apprenticeship Levy journey, finding you the perfect Apprenticeship Programmes to help your organisation excel.

Remember, The Apprenticeship Levy ensures that anyone, even if they have been working for your company for 20 years, can do an apprenticeship to upskill their talents and help them secure a promotion. (Read about our Pathway To Management Apprenticeships Here).

So happy National Apprenticeship Week! And thank you to all the organisations getting behind the week by creating events and showing their support across the whole country.

Contact us today: 0330 124 3224 or at apprenticeshiplevy@3aaa.co.uk