New Apprenticeship assessment procedure

The new Apprenticeship Standards are already beginning to replace the existing Frameworks, as this is one of the main objectives of the Government’s reforms for the Apprenticeship Levy. All of the existing Frameworks will be replaced by the new Standards by 2020. If you aren’t up to date with the new reforms you can read our article What are the new Apprenticeship Standards?

Below is a video where Stewart Segal, our Director of Strategy, explains how 3aaa Apprenticeships have been working with awarding bodies and End Point Assessment companies to develop and gradually convert all of the Frameworks into the new Standards. Stewart also explains how we are utilising the new End Point Assessment procedure for Apprentices. Watch it here:

As part of the development of the new Apprenticeship Standards, the focus on assessment has moved to a more holistic approach with an assessment at the end of the Apprenticeship rather than throughout the Apprenticeship. Each Standard sets out how the end-point assessment (EPA) will be delivered and 3aaa Apprenticeships has been involved in developing these pilots.  In fact in the Digital Sector 3aaa Apprenticeships already have the first Apprentices going through these new end-point assessments over the next few months, ready for The Apprenticeship Levy.

The end-point assessment consists of different testing methodologies and can be different for each Standard.  They will include: 

  • Examination testing
  • Projects
  • Interviews
  • Portfolios of evidence

What this does mean is that the emphasis has moved from ongoing assessments to end assessment so that we can be more flexible in how we support the Apprentices and how we deliver what the employers need.  3aaa Apprenticeships are already looking at new flexible delivery models and all of our delivery teams will be involved in that development.

We will obviously be continuing with our current assessments for the existing Frameworks but increasingly we will adopt the new Standards which will mean all assessors and trainers will need to understand the new requirements and work with us to ensure we have the best delivery models.

We are also working with a number of organisations such as the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and the British Computer Society (BCS) to develop these end-point assessments and to ensure that 3aaa Apprenticeships are at the forefront of this new process.  We will keep you up to date, especially when we have taken some of our Apprentices through the new end-point assessments.


If you would like to know more detail on the new Apprenticeship Standards or the end-point assessments please do not hesitate to contact Stewart Segal, 3aaa Apprenticeships Director of Strategy at or contact our Levy Management Team at