Practical planning for levy implementation

We have been talking to many businesses over the past few months, both big and small in relation to their Levy implementation plans.

So what are they saying to us ?

Well many businesses remain unaware of what it will mean to them so if you are only just thinking about it, don’t worry, you are not alone.

For some businesses, they are just considering it another tax, offset by the reduction in corporation tax and are therefore not going to put too much effort in ensuring they get value from their payment – a bit odd if you ask me, particularly given they can use it on training existing staff as well as new staff.

But most businesses are aware of the levy but really are waiting for more information from the Government ! – Not sure why because the die is cast now and there is little more information to flow in terms of the principles and use of the levy payments you are making – what is yet to come is in the long grass, which with support and assistance you can start to plan and work on your strategies now.

So how should you best utilise your levy payments. A few starters for 10:

  1. Align your levy use with your core people development and recruitment strategies – it’s not a standalone initiative
  2. Think about how existing programmes can be mapped to Apprenticeship frameworks and standards – but you will need some help with this unless it is to become a full time job
  3. Appoint a partner who will sort out the ‘boxes and wires’ of funding and regulation – remember unless you register as a provider yourself you will have to use an approved provider from the list published later this year by the Skills Funding Agency
  4. The levy can be used for training existing staff as well as new hires – are there cross cutting themes across your business where this will support business improvement ?
  5. You will be able map your graduate development programmes to Apprenticeships and use your levy
  6. Think Management development -we believe a significant use of the levy will be on higher skills and management development of senior staff

Finally, you should not delay making a decision – Why ? – because if you recruit Apprentices now and until 31st March 2017 you will be able to get these funded without touching your levy pot – so please don’t wait to start until 1st April if you can use Apprenticeships in your business now.

The clock is ticking – the summer has arrived (well not sure about that one) and if you are careful not much will be done until September – that gives you just 7 months to plan and implement a strategy to use in many cases £m of levy contributions.

Our Project Management services – in many cases FOC, works with you in partnership to get you ahead of the game, to develop your strategy, deal with the boxes and wires and be your ‘partner of choice’

If you are interested in knowing more, call Peter Marples on 07979 857438 or email him at PETERMARPLES@3AAA.CO.UK.

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