Cyber Security Risk Analyst Level 4

The Level 4 Cyber Security: Technologist programme is designed to equip your employee with the knowledge and skills to develop as a cyber security technologist within your business. They will learn how to support your business’s cyber security needs by developing technical competencies within digital security.


Cyber Security Technologist

What will they do?

Over the 15 month programme, your employee will cover topics allowing them to develop their technical competencies within digital security and, more specifically, knowledge and understanding surrounding the technologist route.

Benefits of this Programme

Your employee will learn:

  • Essential knowledge foundations for cyber security roles
  • What is meant by data and protocol, how they relate and the main routing protocols that are in current use
  • Good practice in design and how it contributes to security
  • Common security architectures that incorporate security hardware and software components
  • About different types of security hardware and software which are used to protect systems
  • The main cryptographic techniques, how they are applied and their limitations

Suitable Job Roles

These are just a few job roles this programme could suit within your business, to up-skill employees:

  • Cyber Operations Manager
  • Security Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • Intelligence Researcher
  • Security Sales Engineer
  • Cyber Security Specialist

This programme can be delivered to staff who are already working within your business or we can support you in the recruitment of new staff using our Match and Fill service. This will provide your business with an employee who is suited to both the required job role and your business ethos.

Training and Delivery

We offer a range of training and delivery models for this programme, dependant on the number of employees you wish to up-skill. Our expert coaches will work with your employees to effectively develop their skills and knowledge. Please contact our expert team to discuss training and delivery options. Telephone: 0330 124 3224 or email:

Industry Leading Qualificaitons

Upon completion of the programme, your employee will be eligible to apply to the register of IT Technicians.

Utilising your Levy Funds

This programme can be paid for through your Apprenticeship Levy contributions. The cost for this programme is £18,000, which would be paid through your Digital Apprenticeship Service account. Our expert team can work closely with your business to help you manage and effectively utilise your Apprenticeship Levy funds.

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