Richard Gerver – Developing Human Behaviours for the Workplace

On Friday 14th July 2017, our Non-Executive Director, Richard Gerver was one of the Key Note Speakers at our exclusive Levy Club Conference, offering his inspirational thoughts on ‘Developing Human Behaviours for the Workplace’, in what was a day full of insight and knowledge. Richard is a best-selling author, speaker, broadcaster and advisor. As a former TED speaker, he has previously shared the stage with some of the world’s most influential people, including the Dalai Lama. Watch Richard’s ‘Developing Human Behaviours for the Workplace’ talk now:

Richard started his session by discussing relevant industry topics from his perspective, coming from outside of the industry. He used a range of stories and anecdotes to demonstrate his points, engaging and inspiring our guests throughout the morning.

Creativity is driven by new experiences

Richard used the example of well-known technology and film experts Pixar, to explain how encouraging creativity, innovation and new experiences within your workforce can benefit your organisation. Pixar place a huge emphasis on developing and bringing together a group of experts and sustaining a culture of innovation, ensuring that they nourish their existing workforce by constantly getting them to think differently. As Richard stated, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”.

Within their contracts, members of the Pixar team have to explore an area of interest which has nothing to do with their job roles or the business, but culminates in an accreditation. This led to a very interesting conversation between a director of the company and a member of staff that was serving and preparing salad at lunchtime. This conversation ultimately led to the creation of the $600 million hit film “Up” and helped to take the organisation to the next level.

This way of thinking created an organisational situation where anybody can talk to anybody, at any time, proved to be vital for Pixar’s development as an organisation and added further evidence to their belief as a company that employees should be given time to think and engage with each other on a daily basis.

Education is about thinking deeper

With the event being held at Leicester Tigers’ Welford Road Stadium, Richard also shared a relevant rugby anecdote about England’s victory at the World Cup in 2013, under the guidance of Sir Clive Woodward.

When Sir Clive took over the England Rugby team, he left no stone un-turned, understanding that preparation and going “beneath the surface” is key in many aspects of life, sport, business and education. He spoke to each and every member of his team on a 1-2-1 basis, asking them to identify their own weaknesses and how to overcome them. This way of thinking; that individuals should be able to see and analyse their own performance and allowing them to better it more effectively, proved to be vital in the teams’ success and can be related to business and education in many ways.

Sir Clive also expressed the importance of individuals understanding the impact that other people can have on their own performance, knowing that all areas of the team must be in sync to allow the team and individuals to perform to their optimum level.

Richard spoke further about his meeting with Sir Clive and finished by saying that we should all aspire to achieve continuous training development with our workforces and that an open-door policy and free speech should be encouraged, ensuring that valuable insights are not missed along the way.

Save the date!

Richard will also be speaking at our next Apprenticeship Levy Club Conference at the London Stadium on Wednesday 8th November 2017. To find out more information about the event or to register your place, please contact Rob Collins on or by calling 07391 407 661.


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