It’s All Systems Go for the Apprenticeship Levy by Peter Marples

As we previously outlined, we did not envisage any fundamental changes to the previous announcements.

Whilst we enter week 2 of the Olympics in Rio with our medal haul increasing, 3aaa are pleased to announce we have signed up our 10th employer to our Levy Management Service, with a further 20 ready to sign in the next four weeks. This means we will have over ¬£20m of annualised Levy under our management, more than 7 months before the Levy actually starts. We are appointing and assigning our project managers to clients during August and September so don’t delay your decision making.

So the Government announced this morning that the levy WILL be introduced from April 2016, despite rumours of delay. We never believed there would be any delays.

So any surprises or changes announced this morning? – Well No.

It is as it were, 0.5% of your payroll will be taken as Apprenticeship levy and available to spend on a rolling basis from May 2017.

NO change, but clarification is that an Apprenticeship can now happen for someone in your workforce who already has a qualification, potentially at a higher level, so all of your management development programmes, where staff are gaining new skills can be funded using your levy payments. We are working with the OU to announce some exciting management development programmes and did you know there are already new qualifications available for this activity.

So our message is clear, the ink is now dry. Don’t delay, appoint 3aaa to be your provider of choice and we can respond immediately. We have always took the view that we would only be able to engage 30 clients successfully in each year of the levy – in delivering first class service provision. With 10 signed up and many other waiting in the wings, come an talk to us and see what we can offer.

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