Viapath’s managers are leading the way with the help of 3aaa Apprenticeship’s Leadership and Management programmes

At 3aaa Apprenticeships, we have been working closely in partnership with Viapath since November 2016, raising awareness across their business about how the Apprenticeship Levy can support both existing and new members of staff with their on-going training and development.

Viapath is a unique partnership of clinical, scientific and operational expertise, with a mission to transform pathology services in the UK. Their organisation is built on scientific expertise, providing a service that helps clinicians create better outcomes for their patients every day.

Some of the job roles that Viapath have already developed their staff with include: Team Leader, IT, Business Administration, Customer Service, Project Management and Data Analyst.

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Viapath’s Success Stories:
Mirali Patel was recruited from our very own Kings Cross Academy and has settled into her Apprenticeship journey excellently:

“I have been welcomed into Viapath and am enjoying the challenge. I’m looking forward to continuing to meet more experienced and knowledgeable people so that I can grow and develop professionally and become a skilled member of the Viapath team.”

Mirali Patel – Apprentice Facilities and Logistics Administrator

Other existing members of the Viapath team have also benefited from our programmes:

“I have found the Leadership sessions extremely valuable and relevant to my job role, thus far. We have covered aspects such as the importance of self in the balance of the team, individuals and the task, as well as finding out about my leadership style and how I can improve as a manager. The programme is helping me to take my skills to the next level.”

Richard Tandy – Senior BMS (Quality Officer)

“The Pathway to Management programme has helped me to take my skill-set to the next level and has been extremely useful when managing different members of my team on a daily basis. I have learnt to replace e-mails for more 1:1 interaction and to change my management style to fit circumstance and staff, benefiting myself and my colleagues. Altogether, it has helped me to become a better manager.”

Philippa Johnston – Blood Sciences Training Officer and Haematology Senior

“I have learnt how to define the characteristics of a good leader so that I can spot areas for improvement and to develop and adapt my leadership style to manage different personalities amongst the team.”

Lyndsay Rowley – Senior Biomedical Scientist

“I have found the Pathway to Management programme to be very worthwhile. In any discussion regarding performance, I have learnt to focus on the objectives, ensuring that my team and colleagues are clear of what is expected. I have also learnt key elements about change management and how to introduce new processes smoothly and effectively.”

Declan Gillespie – Team Manager, Central Specimen Reception – Support Services

Viapath are just one of many businesses that 3aaa Apprenticeships are currently supporting the growth of through skills development.

With 38 state-of-the-art training academies throughout England, 3aaa Apprenticeships specialise in managing and delivering outstanding Apprenticeship training.

To find out more information about the Apprenticeship Levy and how we can support your business, contact the team on 0330 124 3224 or e-mail